Periodontal treatment combined with restorative intervention is in most of cases able to restore function and esthetics compromised by periodontal disease. This disease has important sequelae, such as tooth loss, mobility, sensitivity to cold and recession of the gum tissue with teeth appearing elongated.

Even with reduced periodontal support, your own teeth are, in many instances, still capable to support a fixed prosthesis giving you a new smile and improved function. Periodontal treatment is a wonderful opportunity to keep your teeth and to make you smile again.

The image above shows how this patient who suffered for a severe form of disease could, thanks to periodontal treatment, maintain 6 teeth in his upper jaw that were able to support a fixed prosthesis.


In many cases the dentition can be maintained entirely but due to periodontal disease teeth appear altered and cause aesthetic concern to the patient. In some of these cases it may be possible to improve the appearance of the smile by simply bonding resin or ceramic material to the patient’s teeth like in the image below.